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Integrated HL7 Dictionary

Enjoy the convenience of a fully integrated HL7 data dictionary.

Look up HL7 events, segments, fields, data types and table values via easy to navigate HTML hyperlinks.

Every HL7 interface developer should have a HL7Connect Developer Edition. It provides a quick an easy framework for interface testing and the support provided by the HL7 dictionary will literally save you hours of searching through hard or electronic copy HL7 standards documents. These time savings alone, will pay for your HL7Connect Developer Edition many times over.

The HL7Connect company doesn't just produce integration tools, we develop other clinical applications and implement a large number of HL7 interfaces each year. We've now been using the HL7Connect suite for many years and don't know how we ever did integration projects without it.

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Note: All HL7 standards documents are copyrighted to the Health Level Seven organization. All HL7 standards documents are available for purchase from the Health Level Seven organization ( or through it's local affiliates (for example, HL7 Australia). The HL7Connect Dictionary is not a reproduction of the standard and does not contain all the descriptive material on using HL7 messaging. It is however, an invaluable tool to facilitate your navigation of the standard and to assist you during your HL7 implementation projects.

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