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HL7Connect Prices

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Developer Toolkit

All in one developers toolkit for HL7 v2 and CDA document work

 Developer License  US$ 500 Per License

Enterprise Service

Enterprise ready interface engine, with v2 support

 Enterprise  US$ 4,100 Per License
 Select 10  US$ 1,350 Per License

Add CDA & CCDA support

 Enterprise + CDA support  US$ 9,300 Per License
 Select 10 + CDA support  US$ 3,060 Per License

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Pricing Notes

  • All prices are listed in US dollars. Australian residents are required to pay a Goods and Services Tax in addition to the listed prices.
  • Licenses are valid for the life of the software. See HL7Connect License Agreement for license details.
  • See HL7Connect Editions for details of how the various editions differ. The cost to upgrade from one edition to another is the difference between their current prices.

About Support offers two levels of support:

  • Product Support: Support for installing HL7Connect, and getting it to run properly, along with some support for general use of HL7Connect, such as clarification around documentation. This level of support is available to everyone.
  • Integration Solutions: The product support does not include support for the actual solution of the integration problems that HL7Connect is being used to solve. We can offer support and troubleshooting for actual integration solutions, from specific email support through telephone support, right up to connecting into the HL7Connect host ourselves. These additional services may be charged by the hour at US$ 120 per hour, or a specific contract can be arranged. Refer to HL7Connect Consulting Services for further information


Refunds may be given at the discretion of