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HL7Connect Support

Email Support

Email for HL7Connect Support. offers three forms of email support:

  • Product Support: Support for installing HL7Connect, and getting it to run properly, along with some support for general use of HL7Connect, such as clarification around documentation. This level of support is provided provided to pre and post sales.
  • Integration Solutions: The product support does not include support for the actual solution of the integration problems that HL7Connect is being used to solve. We can offer support and troubleshooting for actual integration solutions, from specific email support through telephone support, right up to connecting into the HL7Connect host ourselves. These additional services may be charged by the hour at US$ 120 per hour, or a specific contract can be arranged. Refer to HL7Connect Consulting Services for further information

We expect to answer all emails by the next business day, though we often reply faster. You should get a reply from the support system almost immediately. Features

The rest of the features on this page require you to be a registered user. You can become a registered user free. If you are already a user, you can log in.

Community Forum

The forum allows anyone to post questions about HL7Connect. The forum is actively moderated to keep spam out. Registered users can sign up to be notified of new messages in the Forum, or replies to existing threads.

Code Repository

The code repository is an open repository for HL7 and HL7Connect related code and scripts. Any registered user can share any kind of HL7 development resource. The code repository includes many samples provided by HL7Connect support.

Bugs Reports and Feature Requests

Owners of an HL7Connect license can use the bugs database to report bugs and request features in HL7Connect.